About Us

The First Nations’ Leadership, the Councils, are responsible for the work of L’nuey, including negotiation and consultation processes. The Councils are also responsible for the governance development work to support the Epekwitk Mi’kmaq inherent right to self-government. L’nuey is the PEI Mi’kmaq Rights-based organization, which will have the technical resources to serve the growing negotiation, consultation and governance development needs of the Epekwitk Mi’kmaq. The Councils will provide direction to the staff of L’nuey for the negotiation, consultation and governance development work.  Any major decisions will be voted on by the Mi’kmaq of PEI.

L’nuey Goals

L’nuey’s objective is to address both past and present imbalances in the relationship between Mi’kmaq and non-Indigenous people in Prince Edward Island.  L’nuey is the evolution of many years of collaboration and hard work by the Abegweit and Lennox Island First Nations on shared interests and it will continue to build this foundation for an improved quality of Mi’kmaq life here on PEI, and ultimately self-government for the Epekwitk Mi’kmaq.

L’nuey will conduct the necessary research, facilitate community engagement and consensus, and elevate community and public education and awareness to support the protection and implementation of constitutionally-protected Mi’kmaq Rights in Prince Edward Island.

L’nuey Executive Director

The L’nuey leadership has proudly appointed Jenene Wooldridge as L’nuey’s first Executive Director. Jenene is a proud, talented PEI Mi’kmaq and a member of the Abegweit First Nation, and the Councils are confident that Jenene will bring the same passion to L’nuey and its goals and objectives that she has brought to all of her work.

Jenene Wooldridge is passionate about her PEI Mi’kmaq community and committed to advancing the interests of the Mi’kmaq and all Indigenous people. She has served for over a decade in senior management with the Abegweit First Nation. She graduated with honours from the University of PEI in 2004 and is a Certified Aboriginal Professional Administrator through AFOA Canada. She has participated as a member of numerous Indigenous boards initiatives both regionally and nationally and has led numerous comprehensive community planning exercises, helping First Nation communities set a strategic path to healthy, successful futures. In recent years Jenene has been able to sit at PEI First Nation negotiation tables and has coordinated consultation and engagement efforts in her own community and many others. Jenene’s goal is to make the Epekwitk Mi’kmaq community better for future generations and she is excited to help do that through her role as the first Executive Director of L’nuey – the Epekwitk Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative.

Epekwitk Assembly of Councils Organizational Evolution