Hog Island Sandhills National Park Reserve Feasibility Study

On August 14, 2019, the PEI Mi’kmaq Governments of Lennox Island and Abegweit, along with the Government of Canada, announced a feasibility assessment to establish a national park reserve in the Hog Island Sandhills chain in northwestern Prince Edward Island.

The Hog Island Sandhills are very special to the Mi’kmaq people. The proposed national park would protect and preserve this special place, including its nature and its cultural sites for the Mi’kmaq, all Islanders and future generations of Canadians.

The Government of Canada and the First Nations, together with the Government of Prince Edward Island, along with the Island Nature Trust and Nature Conservancy Canada will participate in the feasibility assessment.


1. What does the Feasibility Study include?

The Feasibility Study will include consultations with key stakeholders, communities and the public, as well as technical studies that analyse ecological, cultural and socio-economic information.

The study will determine whether or not creating a Hog Island – Sandhills National Park Reserve is feasible and, if so, defining the scope of the Park and outlining a path forward.

2. Have the PEI Mi’kmaq entered into an agreement?

The PEI First Nations have agreed to collaborate on the Feasibility Study.

3. Does this mean that Hog Island is becoming a National Park?

The study is a step toward creation of a National Park, a decision to proceed will be determined by the results of the Feasibility Study.

4. How can the PEI Mi’kmaq take part in the Feasibility Study? What is the plan for consulting with community members?

There will be extensive public consultation; including, the engagement of the PEI Mi’kmaq. The First Nations governments have proposed the study and support the idea; the community engagement will seek detailed First Nations community feedback, as well as broad public input.

5. What happens next?

A major component of the Study will be community consultation and engagement to ensure that any concerns are addressed and that there is Mi’kmaq community support to protect the lands through a National Park.

6. How long will it take to conduct the Feasibility Study?

The study will start in the fall of 2019 and will include extensive consultation and numerous technical studies. It is hoped that the study will be complete in 2-3 years.

7. Does this Study consider the entire Sandhills chain or just Hog Island?

One objective of the Study is to define and recommend the size and scope of the proposed National Park Reserve.

8. Is there potential for business or employment opportunities for the PEI Mi’kmaq and Mi’kmaq communities?

The study will include the assessment of potential social, environment and economic benefits of the proposed Park.

Additional Questions?

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