What is L'nuey?

L’nuey is an initiative focused on protecting, preserving and implementing the constitutionally entrenched rights of the Mi’kmaq of Prince Edward Island, Epekwitk. This will be particularly important as we begin the process of determining how our people can benefit from our rights as we begin negotiations through the Mi’kmaq-Prince Edward Island-Canada Framework Agreement. The Framework Agreement affirms the historic Mi’kmaq treaties and commits the Federal and Provincial governments to respectful and cooperative negotiations with the Mi’kmaq to deal with our outstanding Aboriginal and treaty rights claims.

L’nuey means ‘Belonging to or pertaining to the Mi’kmaq People as a whole’, and its tagline doubles as its mission:

‘Moving towards a better tomorrow’.

It’s about people coming together, taking ownership, collaborating and ultimately forming a strong and unified front committed to the unique needs of the PEI Mi’kmaq.

We encourage you to learn more about L’nuey – the PEI Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative.  This site will be regularly updated with information and educational materials on negotiations, consultation and governance development.

Listen to our Executive Director, Jenene Wooldridge, chat with CBC about L’nuey