Request for Mi’kmaq (Elder) Representation at Events

We often get inquiries about having Mi’kmaq representation at events across Prince Edward Island. To make it easier, we’re inviting interested businesses and organizations to fill out the form below so that we can help connect you with appropriate representation, based on your specific request.

Primary contact for event(Required)
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Location of event(Required)
Is your event indoors or outdoors?(Required)
Are you requesting that the individual(s) offer (check all that apply)(Required)
Do you plan to offer a land acknowledgement at this event?(Required)
Are you offering an Honorarium to the participant?(Required)
*Elders/Mi’kmaq representatives are usually offered an Honorarium when asked to participate in events. The amount can range ($75-$150) depending on what they are being asked to do, any supplies that are required and travel costs.
Please note: If asking an Elder or any type of Mi’kmaq representative for their time and contributions, please provide them with the following: - Chair - Water (If an Elder is in attendance, please make sure it is offered and brought to them) - Tobacco Offering (L’nuey provides tobacco pouches. If you would like to arrange pick up for a pouch, please contact, fee is $5.00 and payment can be made via cheque or cash. Receipts can be issued at pick up.)
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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