Developing Our Own Process

L’nuey, on behalf of the Mi’kmaq leadership want to make sure that rights are being exercised by the Mi’kmaq, and in doing so, resources are being protected and used properly, ensuring resources are there for future generations. Yet we cannot exercise our rights if we do not have our own process of defining who is Mi’kmaq. We need our own process.

Creating our own process is not about creating a citizenship code or interfering with non-Mi’kmaq participation in our community. While non-Mi’kmaq people who participate
in our events, live in our communities, are in relationships with Mi’kmaq, or those who may be generally considered or defined to be “community members”, they are not Mi’kmaq for the purpose of accessing Aboriginal Rights. As self-governance progresses, the Mi’kmaq may develop a citizenship which includes this broader community. We are not at that stage yet.

Our Process Will

  • reflect our understandings, definitions, and ways of identifying who is L’nu.
  • determine who is an heir of Mi’kmaq Treaties and Aboriginal Rights and Title.
  • be based on the inherent rights of the Mi’kmaq to determine our own identity in accordance with our customs and traditions, as recognized under the Canadian Constitution and UNDRIP.
  • work with the other parts of Mi’kmaki to ensure consistency.
  • make sure that what is created for PEI Mi’kmaq works for PEI Mi’kmaq.
  • define who is a Mi’kmaq rights-holder in Prince Edward Island.

Our Process will be Your Process

We will be engaging with Mi’kmaq from across the province, on and off reserve, coming back to you at each stage to ask if we heard you correctly. Together, our first step will be to determine what we want our process to be called and to ensure everyone has a clear understanding about the work ahead.

Ni’n aq No’kmaq – The Process

We asked all Epekwitk community members to submit name suggestions and ideas as to how we would refer to this process. In September 2020, we announced the winning name for the Epekwitk Mi’kmaq Rights Process “N’in aq No’kmaq” – Me and My Relations, which was submitted by Methilda Knockwood-Snache.

We are pleased to provide you with an update on the engagement we’ve conducted for Ni’n aq No’kmaq – Me and My Relations.