Epekwitk Nationhood Gathering

Maw-Lukuti’kw, The Epekwitk Nationhood Gathering took place on Saturday September 28, 2019 as the inaugural meeting of the Mi’kmaq community of Prince Edward Island to discuss the future of governance and nationhood in Epekwitk. The Gathering was intended to “lay the foundation for engagement sessions today and in the coming months aimed at articulating our collective vision for our Mi’kmaq Nation here in Prince Edward Island. This vision will guide us in our future work to protect and implement our constitutionally protected Mi’kmaq Rights and to truly achieve reconciliation with our non-Indigenous friends and neighbours.” The Gathering also introduced L’nuey, the new Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative. With its launch at the Gathering L’nuey became the organization responsible for negotiations, consultation and governance development, under the direction of the Mi’kmaq leadership.

All PEI Mi’kmaq were encouraged to attend and provide input into the visioning process with approximately 120 people in attendance. Both Chief Darlene Bernard and Chief Junior Gould spoke to the significance of the session and the hope for the future. Experts in nationhood and enrolment/membership were invited to speak to the assembled on the process and their past experiences. The reception to the event was positive and hopeful.

Graphic Recordings from the day’s event

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