IndigeNews: July 4 – Aug. 1, 2022

A Canadian Indigenous News Update from L’nuey

Kwe’ nitap – Hello friend, the Mi’kmaq word of the week is


Meaning: Summer!

In the News

  1. Mi’kmaw alert system expands to Lennox Island – CBC News
  2. Mi’kmaw officially recognized as Nova Scotia’s first language – CTV News
  3. ‘I am sorry’: Full text of the Pope’s residential school apology – APTN News
  4. The history of the P.E.I. harbour at the centre of a name-change push – CBC News
  5. Children, housing at centre of Abegweit First Nation 50th anniversary – CBC News
  6. Lennox Island farmers’ market run entirely by youth to launch in August – CBC News
  7. What the Pope left out of apology to residential school survivors – National Observer
  8. Pope’s apology ‘vague,’ lacks accountability, say Mi’kmaw chiefs on P.E.I. – CBC News
  9. First Look At The Proposed Pituamkek National Park Reserve – National Parks Traveler
  10. Mi’kmaw fisherman using 1752 treaty, ancestry in legal battle with DFO – Ku’ku’kwes News
  11. Where Mi’kmaq, Acadian, French And British Cultures Converged – National Parks Traveler
  12. Senate report would help remove ‘difficulties’ with treaty-based fishery, chief says – CBC News
  13. Epekwitnewaq Mi’kmaq in negotiations with Parks Canada to co-operatively manage P.E.I. National Park – CBC News
  14. Mi’kmaw Language Act proclamation takes centre stage at opening ceremony of NS Mi’kmaw Summer Games – Ku’ku’kwes News
  15. Pope’s apology leaves ‘deep hole’ by blaming individual Catholics for residential school abuses, says former TRC chair – APTN News

Politics & Law

  1. Canada requests extradition of French priest Joannes Rivoire – APTN News
  2. Consent, Indigenous Rights, and the Tahltan Agreement – First Peoples Law
  3. Maritimers respond with mixed reaction to papal visit on its last day – CTV News
  4. Oblates will ‘cooperate in legal investigation’ of French priest Joannes Rivoire – APTN News
  5. NS PC MLAs block adding child-care fund, Mi’kmaw consultation to pay raise bill – CBC News
  6. Senate report calls for full implementation of First Nation fishing rights – National Observer
  7. Remove DFO from First Nations fisheries negotiations, says Senate report – SaltWire Network
  8. Former HR director sues AFN for wrongful dismissal, ex-staff call workplace ‘toxic’ – APTN News
  9. ‘Keep our people safe’: Alberta First Nation wants to move ahead with police force – Toronto Star
  10. Indigenous Rights in One Minute: What is the assertion of Crown sovereignty? – First Peoples Law
  11. Senate report on fisheries finds federal government failing First Nations rights-holders – APTN News
  12. First Nations leaders to meet top Canadian bishop to discuss papal bulls, Church records – APTN News
  13. ‘Something I will remember for the rest of my life’: Mi’kmaw MP reflects on Pope’s apology – CTV News
  14. Canada’s new approach to Indigenous tax policy – Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada
  15. Doctrine of Discovery is a ‘legal fiction,’ but revoking it won’t herald immediate changes, experts say – APTN News
  16. Director of Caring society says only public pressure can hold Church to account for role in residential school system – APTN News
  17. First Nations Communities Will No Longer Be Required to Give Up Federal Tax Exemption on Reserve Lands When Signing Modern Treaties – CFNR News

Business, Finance & Economics

  1. On the land program in N.W.T. that help communities, tourists looking for money – APTN News
  2. Supporting Indigenous tourism destinations this summer can be a journey of discovery – Yahoo News
  3. First Nation and Western Forest Products take next step towards reconciliation and rights recognition – North Island Gazette

Education, Health & Culture

  1. Dene Nation leaders gather at Wiliideh for Dene assembly – CBC News
  2. Why are there so many nicknames in Mi’kmaw communities? – CBC News
  3. Sioux Valley Dakota Nation one step closer to its own CFS laws – APTN News
  4. ‘It was all backwards’: A survivor’s view from inside the basilica – APTN News
  5. Ottawa says it will support First Nations fighting Quebec’s new language law – CBC News
  6. NCTR digging into records of Oblate priests who staffed residential schools – APTN News
  7. Mi’kmaw language teacher shares what the Mi’kmaw Language Act means for him – The Coast
  8. First Nations from across N.S. converge in Cape Breton for Mi’kmaq Summer Games – CTV News
  9. Translator hopes Pope’s visit results in support for Indigenous language revitalization – APTN News
  10. Resiliency Centre a dream come true for Nova Scotia Native Women’s Association – Ku’ku’kwes News
  11. New agreement gives education ‘self-determination’ to First Nation communities in Quebec – APTN News
  12. Mi’kmaq artists invited to submit proposal for Acadia University’s Indigenous Centre, Welkaqnik – Newswire
  13. First-of-its-kind Mi’kmaw Centre for Healing and Resilience to be built in Millbrook First Nation – SaltWire Network

Environment, Science & Technology

  1. If Keji’s Ancient Rocks Could Talk – National Parks Traveler
  2. Grassy Narrows members demand compensation because of mercury poisoning – APTN News
  3. Federal government puts up $10M for clean energy projects for Sask. First Nations – CBC News
  4. How a conservative U.S. network undermined Indigenous energy rights in Canada – The Narwhal
  5. Sask. First Nations partner with federal government on clean and affordable energy projects – CTV News
  6. Indigenous people from Canada, U.S., meet in Saskatoon to sign treaty aiming to restore bison – CBC News
  7. Ottawa invests $4.4m to construct facility for Mi’kmaw reaserach and policy organization – 101.5 The Hawk
  8. Treaty fishery’s first season deemed a success for Lennox Island, young Indigenous fishers – SaltWire Network
  9. Canada’s first Indigenous-led virtual production filmmaking program launching this fall in Vancouver – APTN News

Wela’lioq, Msit No’kmaq – Thank you, All My Relations

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