What is Reconciliation?

Reconciliation in Canada means bringing together Indigenous peoples and Canadian settlers to repair their relationship that was tarnished by the colonization of Canada. Supporting reconciliation means working to overcome the inequality between Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous citizens. Acknowledging the truth and acting on reconciliation is recognizing we are all treaty people in Epektwik.

It’s about people coming together, taking ownership, collaborating and ultimately forming a strong and unified front committed to the unique needs of the PEI Mi’kmaq.

We encourage you to learn more about L’nuey – the PEI Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative.  This site will be regularly updated with information and educational materials on negotiations, consultation and governance development.

What does Reconciliation mean to you?

Recognition: Recognizing and acknowledging the Canadian government policies that have led to many past and present-day injustices for Indigenous peoples and communities.

Respect: Cultivate an environment that honours Indigenous culture and worldview. Celebrate and explore Indigenous achievements and contributions to today’s society.

Responsibility: Educate yourself and others about Indigenous history and culture.

Action: Support Indigenous peoples in asserting their inherent rights by using your voice and platform to take action that helps move us towards true reconciliation.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action

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