Geoff Townsend

Geoff is a policy analyst and technical advisor at L’nuey. He is responsible for gathering and researching information related to government policies, programs, legislation and other pertinent initiatives that impact Mi’kmaq rights and other matters important to the Epekwitnewaq Mi’kmaq.

Don MacKenzie, Q.C.

Don is Legal Counsel for L’nuey and is responsible for providing legal expertise, guidance and counsel to advance all aspects of L’nuey’s mandate – consultation, negotiations and governance. Don also serves as lead for litigation and adversarial processes, should they be necessary to achieve the goals of L’nuey as established by the Assembly; including litigation … Read more

Tracy Cutcliffe

Tracey serves as the lead negotiator on all negotiation processes L’nuey is mandated by the Assembly to advance. In her role she has responsibility for, and coordinates, the Framework Agreement Main Table negotiation process as well as other negotiation processes under the responsibility of L’nuey, including Specific Claims. Tracey also serves as support to the … Read more

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