Epekwitk Place Names

L’nuey engaged the Mi’kmaq community on their vision for their Rights and Reconciliation Initiative, which included a series of community-based consultation sessions held between December 2019 and March 2020, as well as an online survey.

A number of themes emerged from the visioning sessions.  One of these was: “The importance of revitalizing Mi’kmaq language and culture.”

The overwhelming majority of those who attended the sessions felt that central to any discussion on Mi’kmaq nationhood is the return to tradition, whether that be language, ceremony, forms of government or land use.

During Aboriginal Awareness Week in 2020, a special initiative to increase awareness and elevate the language was launched in partnership with the Government of PEI, which saw a series of place name signs in the Mi’kmaq language installed in nine locations across Epekwitk. During Aboriginal Awareness Week 2021, this initiative was continued in partnership with the Government of PEI and ten more signs were raised across Epekwitk. Please have a look and listen to the Epekwitk place names in Mi’kmaq to learn how to pronounce them.

Wela’lin – Thank you

Interactive Maps

PEI Mi’kmaq Place Names


List of place names (updated March 2019): Mi’kmaq Place Names on Epekwitk (Updated 2019)